Thank you to the voters of the 11th District for rewarding me with a full four year term. I am truly humbled by your overwhelming support.

Thank you to the four candidates who ran against me. You challenged me to work harder than I could have ever imagined, and I will take that same level of effort into my first full term. It is refreshing to see other young leaders that share my same passion for Baltimore City, and I believe you all have very bright futures.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered on the campaign, our senior volunteers who made calls from our Seton Hill office seven days per week, those who financially supported the campaign, and the thousands of residents and business owners who have taken the time to talk with me and become my friend along the way. There are far too many of you to thank.

Thank you to my Campaign Manager, Tucker Cavanagh. I’m proud of the campaign we ran. It was extremely disciplined and well executed, and we refused to deviate from our campaign plan. Despite numerous jabs and negative attacks, we stayed positive and focused on our message. This was in large part due to Tucker’s efforts. If you are involved in local politics and don’t know who Tucker is, you should. And our Field Director, Jelani Soumerszaule, did a great job organizing one of the most extensive ground game operations in the City.

Thank you to my staff on the office side. Obie Chinemere, Justin Lane, Doreen Rosenthal, and Betsy Ziegler have been phenomenal over the past year and a half, and they are a large part of the reason we won Tuesday. We pride ourselves on constituent services, and that showed in Tuesday’s results. Many of you know that Betsy has retired and moved on to greener pastures, so when a constituent gave me a bamboo plant as a gift for helping out with a tree issue, we named it in honor of her, “Besty”!

Thank you to my neighbors, especially Aimee Sanfilippo and Kelly Sheehan for helping me to take care of my dog Hoosier, I couldn’t ask for better neighbors and friends!

When I first joined the City Council in October 2014 to replace Bill Cole, there was no question that I had tremendous shoes to fill. I have grown a great deal over the past year and a half, but still have a lot more to learn. Thank you to Jack Young and Bill Cole, your impact on that growth cannot be quantified, and your friendship and support is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Finally, thank you to my family. You have put up with me for 35 years and never once stopped loving me or believing in me. I would be lost without you.

On to November. In the meantime, back in the office tomorrow AM, much work to do. ‪#‎WinTheDay‬