BGE / MTA Natural Gas Main Installation to Begin in Riverside

BGE / MTA Natural Gas Main Installation to Begin in Riverside

SUMMARY: At the request of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), BGE will soon begin a multiple-month long project to install a new natural gas main to service the MTA’s MARC Train Yard located on the south side of the community (directly south of Riverside Park and Southside Shopping Plaza). The work, limited to portions of only five streets (as outlined below), will entail street cuts, installing new gas main pipes, and covering the street cuts daily (either asphalt or steel plates). Work on each affected street is expected to take two to three weeks.  During these periods, some on-street parking restrictions will be posted.

WHO IS INVOVLED: This a BGE project to connect new gas service for one of their customers, the MTA. The gas main contractor will be Stella May – they will be responsible for street cuts (digging a trench), installing the new gas main, and laying down temporary asphalt / steel plates at the end of each work day. A paving / resurfacing contractor will be selected by BGE as the project progresses – they will be responsible for completing final restoration of the street after Stella May completes the new gas main installation. Assedo is a communications firm that BGE has hired to assist with communication to the community – they will be responsible for notifying residents and businesses who are directly affected and answering general questions from individual community members.

AFFECTED STREETS: This work will be limited to the following streets and specific blocks

  • Lawrence St (from Harvey St to E Fort Ave)
  • E Fort Ave (from Lawrence St to Boyle St)
  • Boyle St (from E Fort Ave to E Heath St)
  • E Heath St (from Boyle St to Webster St)
  • Webster St (from E Heath St to past E Barney St at southern-end of Webster St

SCHEDULE AND SEQUENCING: The project is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, Feb 22 and progress in the following sequence, although this may be subject to change, with notice provided to affected residents and businesses.

  1. Webster St to E Barney St – 1 Week
  2. E Barney St to E Heath St – 1 Week
  3. E Heath to Boyle St – 1 Week
  4. Boyle St to E Fort Ave – 2 Weeks
  5. E Fort Ave from Boyle St to Lawrence St – 2 Weeks
  6. Lawrence St from E Fort Ave to Harvey St – 2 Weeks
  7. The service at the end of Webster St – 1 Week

PARKING RESTRICTIONS: We will work with BGE and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to ensure as minimal disruptions to parking as possible. Parking restrictions will be in place and posted at least 72 hours in advance of taking effect. Please be sure to carefully follow any posted parking restrictions as failing to do so could result in citation, relocation, or tow.

COMMUNICATION TO THE COMMUNITY: BGE has provided the Riverside Neighborhood Association (RNA), State Delegate Luke Clippinger, and Councilman Eric T Costello the a Outreach Plan to the community which Assedo will be responsible for executing. This Outreach Plan was a result of a conference call between the above parties on Feb 11 to ensure a clear understanding of the scope and schedule of the project for those impacted in the community.

POINTS OF CONACT: for questions about the work on your street, please direct to:

For other questions or if you do not receive a timely reply, you are welcome to contact:

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as MTA makes improvements to its MARC Train facility.