Central West Baltimore               

  • Druid Heights Community Development Corporation – meets monthly, 4th Saturday, 1:00pm, 2140 McCulloh St, WebsiteFacebook FanpageTwitter
  • Heritage Crossing Residents Association – No monthly meeting schedule as of 2/23/17 (check website), meeting location is 620 N Fremont Ave, Website, Facebook Group
  • Marble Hill Community Association – meets monthly, 3rd Tuesday, 6:30pm, 1609 Druid Hill Ave (Druid Hill YMCA), Website
  • McCulloh Homes Residents Council – meets monthly, 3rd Wednesday, 4:00pm, 1102 Druid Hill Ave
  • No Boundaries Coaltion – meets monthly, 2nd Tuesday, 6:00pm, 1526 N Fremont Ave (St. Peter Claver Church), WebsiteFacebook FanpageTwitter
  • Upton Planning Committee – meets monthly, 2nd Thursday, 6:00pm, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave (Provident Baptist Church), WebsiteFacebook FanpageFacebook ProfileTwitter


Downtown’s Westside


  • Madison Park Improvement Association – no regular meetings as of 8/19/16, Facebook Fanpage
  • Midtown Community Benefits District – Board/Committee meetings: MICA Gateway Building,1601 W. Mount Royal Avenue. Schedule on website.  WebsiteFacebook FanpageTwitter
  • Midtown Development Corporation – Website
  • Mount Royal Community Development Corporation – Website, Facebook Fanpage, Twitter
  • Mount Royal Improvement Association (Bolton Hill) – meets monthly, 1st Tuesday, 8:00pm, 1401 Bolton St (Brown Memorial Church), WebsiteFacebook Fanpage
  • Mount Vernon Belvedere Association – meets monthly, 3rd Tuesday, 7:30pm, 1 E. Chase St (Belvedere Hotel), WebsiteFacebook Fanpage
  • Mount Vernon Place Conservancy – Meetings scheduled by committees, WebsiteFacebook Fanpage

South Baltimore Peninsula

  • Casino Impact District – meetings/minutes listed on website. Website
  • Federal Hill Business Association – WebsiteFacebook GroupTwitter
  • Federal Hill Hospitality Association – WebsiteFacebook FanpageTwitter
  • Federal Hill Main Street – WebsiteFacebook FanpageTwitter
  • Federal Hill Neighborhood Association – meets monthly 3rd Tuesday, 7:00pm, 701 S Charles St (rear of Christ Lutheran Church), WebsiteFacebook GroupTwitter
  • Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association – meets monthly, 4th Tuesday, 7:00pm, 300 E Gittings St (basement of St Ignatius Loyola Academy) WebsiteFacebook Group
  • Key Highway Community Association – meets monthly, 2nd Wednesday, 6:30pm, 100 Harbor View Drive (Ballroom at Harbor View), WebsiteFacebook Fanpage
  • Locust Point Civic Association – meets monthly, 2nd Wednesday, 7:30pm, 1425 E Fort Ave (Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School, in the cafeteria), WebsiteFacebook Fanpage
  • Otterbein Community Association – meets quarterly (March, June, September, December), 3rd Wednesday, 7:30pm, 112 W Conway St (Old Otterbein Church), WebsiteFacebook Group ,
  • Riverside Neighborhood Association – meets monthly, last Monday, 7:00pm, 1530 Battery Ave, (Salem Lutheran Church in basement), WebsiteFacebook GroupFacebook FanpageTwitter
  • Sharp Leadenhall Improvement Association – meets monthly, 3rd Thursday, 7:00pm, 1021 Leadenhall St (Leadenhall Baptist Church), Website , Facebook GroupTwitter
  • South Baltimore Gateway Partnership – in process of developing a website, Facebook Fanpage, Twitter
  • South Baltimore Neighborhood Association – meets monthly, 2nd Tuesday, 7:00pm, 1439 S. Charles St (Delia Foley’s on 2nd Floor), WebsiteFacebook GroupFacebook FanpageTwitter
  • South Baltimore Partnership – meets monthly, last Tuesday, 6:00pm, 100 W Henrietta St (Martini Lutheran Church, enter through parking lot in rear).