Starting on Monday, May 16, BGE will be working on Randall St, Marshall St, Covington St, and Webster St, all south of Fort Ave, to install a new gas main. Service installations to individual properties are expected to on or around July 12 on E Randall St at Marshall St. Residents will be informed of when this will begin via door hangars. To schedule the exact date of the new service installation, please contact the number on the door hangar.

Parking Restrictions – will be in effect throughout the project, Monday – Saturday, with specific hours listed. Streets should only be postd if work is occurring that specific week, and signs will be posted at least 72 hours in advance. The majority of this block should be done on a week-by-week basis. Once service installations begin, the parking restrictions will likely expand in geographic scope, as those tend to be completed much more quickly. If you are in violation of the posted restrictions, your vehicle may be cited and relocated.

Who to Contact When Issues Arise – please reach out directly to the Project Manager, Jim McCune, at or 443-463-0630. Please also CC Councilman Costello, at or 410-396-4816.

Map Work Area – please see link below.