I am thankful for Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s decision to ensure no cuts to the Circulator system for the current fiscal year. The Circulator has been a shining example of how public transportation should work with reliable, safe, and clean service. It has been wildly successful and has converted many car-reliant residents into regular Circulator riders.  I believe the Mayor recognizes the tremendous value of the system based on the feedback she has received from the community and sees the clear opportunity to improve its efficiency and operations through the current RFP process.

It is imperative that we work together to ensure the long-term viability of the Circulator system. I remain committed to working with Mayor Rawlings-Blake and her team, the next Administration, Council President Young and our colleagues on City Council, and Senator Ferguson and Delegates Hammen, Clippinger, and Lierman, and the community.

The entire statement from Mayor Rawlings-Blake may be viewed below: