DPW Solid Waste Curbside Collection Modifications

DPW is launching a new recycling schedule to ensure predictable collections as they deal with staffing issues under this most recent surge in COVID. The new schedule will be bi-weekly: south of North Ave (which is the entire 11th District) will have curbside recycling collection on the normally scheduled day of the week during the week of January 25 – 28.  More info and resources are below.

Link to the FAQs/Collections Update page:

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Aug 09th Mask Order

The Baltimore City Health Department announced a new mask order, effective Monday, August 09, at 9:00am.

An FAQ with additional details will be released shortly. As soon as available, it will be posted here.

In the meantime, one question that continues to be raised is why is the City of Baltimore able to issue a mask order when the surrounding counties are not able to. The City Charter gives the City of Baltimore, specifically the Health Commissioner, the authority to do so.

Mayor Scott’s May 14 Executive Order

Mayor Scott’s May 14 Executive Order

On May 14, Mayor Scott issues an Executive Order which rescinded previous City Executive Orders related to COVID-19 and defers to the State of Maryland moving forward. This removes all restrictions on gatherings and businesses, such as the number of people permitted in one place at an event at any given time or capacity and hours of operation limits for businesses.

The only exception is the City’s ‘Mask Order’ which supersedes guidance from the State of Maryland on wearing masks.

City – May 14 Executive Order

City – May 14 – Revised Mask Order

State – May 12 – Executive Order

City Press Release