Please scroll down to learn more about our elected leaders and labor and advocacy organizations that stood with Councilman Eric Costello in the 2016 campaign.

Elected Official Endorsements

  • Senator Bill Ferguson, Delegate Pete Hammen, Delegate Luke Clippinger, and Delegate Brooke Lierman, 46th District – I am honored to be endorsed by the District 46 Team. And as the Councilmember in the 11th District, I rely heavily on our strong working relationship to continue moving our City forward. As a resident of the 46th Legislative District, I am grateful to have four representatives fighting for my neighborhood down in Annapolis. — “Over the past year and a half, we have watched Eric Costello dedicate himself to the neighborhoods of his district, and work tirelessly to answer his constituents’ needs. Because of his hard work and dedication, we are pleased to be endorsing him to continue in his role as a City Councilmember. We look forward to working with Councilman Costello over the next term to answer the needs of our constituents and to help build a better Baltimore.  – District 46 Team (Senator Bill Ferguson, Delegate Pete Hammen, Delegate Luke Clippinger, Delegate Brooke Lierman)”


  • Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, 44th District – I am honored by Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam’s endorsement of my campaign. She founded Social Determinants of Health Work Group, and under her leadership, we proactively engage to identify the causes and solutions to health challenges in the economically-disadvantaged communities which we represent together. Senator Nathan-Pulliam is a great mentor to me on ensuring the health of our communities, and I look forward to continuing to work with her on a range of issues in the future. “Eric is an outstanding member of my Social Determinants of Health Work Group. He’s a good student, an avid learner, and a strong advocate. Eric has a good heart, and he cares deeply about the health of individuals in every community. I am proud to endorse Councilman Costello and I look forward to what this young man will accomplish in his promising future. -Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, Maryland State Senate, District 44″


  • Delegate Antonio Hayes, 40th District – I am honored to be endorsed by Delegate Antonio Hayes. He is one of the hardest working members of the General Assembly, a good friend, and has been a great partner in helping my constituents in the 11th District get things done at the State level. “Since his first day on the job, Councilman Eric Costello’s commitment to our neighbors has been unmatched. He has been a reliable partner in public service with a proven record of responsiveness. Councilman Costello has an unwavering desire to SERVE and be of service to Baltimore. As a resident of the 11th District, I am proud to call Eric my City Councilman, and hope you will join us with your vote to send him back to City Hall as our voice for effective and responsive government! -Antonio Hayes, Maryland House of Delegates, District 40”


  • Delegate Cory McCray, 45th District – It is an honor to be endorsed by Delegate Cory McCray. Cory is a brilliant organizer and a model for leaders across the State. His outstanding work as a community organizer and advocate for workers is second-to-none. I look forward to continue working with Cory to empower all Baltimoreans and build a better City block by block. “Eric hustles. He connects with his constituents from Druid Heights to Locust Point, McCulloh Homes to Bolton Hill, South Baltimore to Mount Vernon, and across the entire 11th District. And he works around the clock to address their needs. I couldn’t ask for more out of a teammate, and I look forward to keeping him on the City Council for a full term. -Cory McCray, Maryland House of Delegates, District 45″


  • Delegate Barbara Robinson, 40th District – I am proud to receive the endorsement of Delegate Barbara Robinson. As Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, Delegate Robinson is a top leader on civil rights issues in the state and she is a pioneer and staunch advocate for minority women in the business community. I have tremendous admiration for Delegate Robinson and the great work she’s doing. It is a true honor to have her support. “Councilman Costello is a fighter. He works so hard for his people. He’s done a great job engaging the police in communities across his district and fostering trust with residents. At the same time, Eric is empowering a new generation of business leaders to give everyone a fair shot at success. He is a valued counterpart of mine in the City, and I’m proud to endorse my friend Eric. -Barbara Robinson, Maryland House of Delegates, District 40″


  • City Council President Jack Young – It is with great pleasure and humility that I have received City Council President Jack Young’s endorsement. I can honestly say that you will not find a more committed advocate for our seniors in youth in Baltimore City, and am proud to count him as a friend and mentor. We might not always agree on every issue, but we’ll always listen to the other’s concerns. I look forward to our partnership during my next term. “I can always count on Eric to get the job done. Eric works harder than anyone I know and he delivers. If someone has a pothole, call on Costello. Police didn’t show up after a 911 call? Costello. DPW messed up a water bill? Costello. Street light out? Costello. Councilmembers can’t work out an issue? Costello will bring them together. Eric has been a great addition to the Council, and I’m excited to have him on the Council for four more years. -Bernard C. “Jack” Young, Baltimore City Council President”


  • City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, 14th District – I am honored to be endorsed by Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke. As a lifelong advocate for the residents of Baltimore City, Councilwoman Clarke’s work ethic and accessibility is second to none, and something that I try to emulate every day as a public servant. — “Councilman Eric Costello has been a positive addition to the City Council. He brings a fiscal expertise we rely on, constituent dedication we admire, and cooperation in resolving issues of importance to benefit all of Baltimore City. I am genuinely proud to call Eric a colleague and friend. I hope you will send him back to carry-on to the important work he is doing on behalf of all of Baltimore City. -Mary Pat Clarke, Baltimore City Council, 14th District”


  • City Councilman Ed Reisinger, 10th District – I am honored to be endorsed by City Councilman Edward Reisinger. As City Council Vice President, he has been a champion for the small business community and has played a leading role in helping to grow our City. — “Leading Baltimore City is no easy job; it requires someone who is tenacious, tireless, and, let’s be plain about it, willing to get their hands dirty. Councilman Eric Costello loves Baltimore City, and he works his butt off for our citizens. He is a strong advocate for small business, but is skilled at balancing the interests of residents and commerce. And as Chairman of Land Use & Transportation Committee, I’ve seen first-hand that Eric understands smart development that respects residents, all while supporting economic growth. We need Eric on the City Council for four more years, please vote him back in. – Ed Reisinger, Baltimore City Council Vice President, 10th District”


  • City Councilman Brandon M. Scott, 2nd District – I am thrilled to be endorsed by Councilman Brandon M. Scott. He has been a tremendous advocate for our youth, open data, and transparency. As the youngest member on the City Council, his energy and deep personal understanding of the challenges we face is an invaluable asset to our City. — “Eric has become a great friend of mine. He’s a respected peer, valued colleague, and welcomed teammate. Whether it’s connecting our kids to productive extracurricular opportunities, finding new money for school field trips, or standing up to those who shamefully attack our children, Eric’s work for the kids is exactly what we need right now to accomplish a better Baltimore. I am proud to endorse Councilman Eric Costello. -Brandon M. Scott, Baltimore City Council, 2nd District”


Labor and Advocacy Endorsements

  • AFSCME Local 67 – I am proud to announce another labor endorsement. AFSCME Maryland Council 67 represents public-sector workers on the federal, state, county, and municipal levels across Maryland. In short, the work of their members “makes Maryland happen.” I look forward to strengthening my partnership with AFSCME, working to improve working conditions, as well as growing and protecting good public-sector jobs for working Marylanders and Baltimoreans.


  • AFT-Maryland and Baltimore Teachers Union – I am beyond honored to receive the endorsement of the Baltimore Teachers Union and AFT-Maryland. Educators are some of the hardest-working public servants, entrusted with the most important job of cultivating our youth and molding our future. Investing in a bright future for EVERY Baltimore City kid is the best investment we can make. Thank you, teachers, for your support and thank you for all that you do.


  • Baltimore Fire Officers IAFF Local 964 – the hardworking men & women of Local #964 put their lives on the line day in and day out to protect the residents of Baltimore City. They are true heroes, and I am beyond humbled to receive their endorsement.


  • Baltimore Metropolitan Council AFL-CIO Unions – The AFL-CIO endorsement of my candidacy for Baltimore City’s 11th Council District is truly humbling, considering my Grandfather was an IBEW Instructor for over 40 years. Having been raised with his same work ethic and values, this endorsement means a great deal to me. Fighting for working people across my District and Baltimore City has been a top priority since my first day on the Council. I will continue to fight, day and night, for Baltimore City’s working families.


  • C.H.O.I.C.E. Building Trades – CHOICE represents thousands of skilled craft professionals in the building and construction industry. They do great work to raise industry standards and provide economic opportunities. Together, we organized the first trade fair in the 11th District at Digital Harbor High School so that students could learn about career paths in the building trades and the value of joining a union. It is an honor to be endorsed by C.H.O.I.C.E.!


  • Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 3 – it is a great honor to be endorsed by the men and women that help keep our City safe each day. I look forward to working with the FOP on strengthening the relationship between the Police and the communities they serve.


  • International Longshoremen’s Association Baltimore District Council – the District Council is comprised of Locals 333, 953, 1429 and 2066. The ILA Baltimore District Council represents nearly 2,000 hardworking men and women in the Port of Baltimore who work day and night nearly 365 days a year to provide Maryland and the region with the goods that are essential in our daily lives. The Port of Baltimore is in the Top 10 Most Productive ports in the Americas thanks to the hard work of these men and women. It is truly an honor to have their endorsement.


  • Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA!) Mid-Atlantic Regional District Council – LIUNA is committed to training and apprenticeship programs that keep pace with industry needs. I look forward to continuing to work with LiUNA to ensure Baltimore City has a ready and able workforce!


  • Maryland League of Conservation Voters (MDLCV) – in their own words, MDLCV is the “keeper of political scorecards on environmental votes, this small but feisty group” drives environmental conservation efforts in Maryland. I am humbled to have MDLCV’s support on my campaign, and I look forward to working arm-in-arm with them on advancing stormwater mitigation and making Baltimore City a greener place for all.


  • SEIU State Council – the State Council represents 40,000 SEIU members in the Maryland and DC area, and is the area’s fastest growing union. I look forward to working with SEIU MD/DC State Council in their mission to improve the lives of workers and their families, creating a more just and humane society.


  • Sierra Club Maryland Chapter and Greater Baltimore Group – the Sierra Club focuses on protecting our natural and wildlife resources and educating the public about pressing environmental issues. I look forward to working closely with the Sierra Club to protect our natural treasures in Baltimore City. From the Sierra Club: “Eric Costello, Democrat (D-11) stands tall as an incumbent with a fine environmental record and genuine concerns for how clean air and water impact his constituents.”


  • Unite Here Local 7 – representing hotel, gaming and food service workers throughout Maryland and Baltimore City, Unite Here Local 7 steadily works to foster stronger wages and benefits for hospitality workers. I look forward to working with UNITE HERE Local 7 and furthering their mission to create more quality jobs in the 11th District.