I realize that footraces on the South Baltimore Peninsula, specifically in Locust Point, have created some issues blocking residents in the neighborhood, and thus becoming a point of contention. I met on Friday (04/08) with Charm City Run (the organizer for at least three races) to discuss concerns and ensure there is ingress / egress for Locust Point residents.

Specifically, there are three upcoming footraces which impact Locust Point, the first two which allow ingress / egress from Locust Point, the third which I am still working on getting modified:

  • Saturday, April 16, 9:00am Start Time – Sole of the City 10k – Race Course Map – Andre Street to McComas Street as well as the Key Highway Extension will be open to allow for vehicular travel in and out of Locust Point.


  • Saturday, April 23, 8:30am Start Time – Port to the Fort 6k – Race Course Map – the Key Highway extension will be open to allow for vehicular travel in and out of Locust Point.


  • Sunday, May 29, 8:30am Start Time – MCVET 10k – Race Course Info and Race Course Map Drawing Attached (as the course was not available online, the attached is hand drawn, so please don’t mind my handwriting). The race course presents some problems, as the Key Highway Extension is currently blocked. I have asked the organizer and BPD to consider moving the backend off of E Fort Ave on to Woodall St (current plan in attached in red) to either: 1) a right hand turn on Lawrence St which is preferred by BPD (see option 1 in attached in blue); or 2) a right hand turn on Webster (see option 2 in attached in green). I expect a final determination to be made by BPD and Charm City Run in the next week.


I also recognize there will be other footraces which impact portions of the South Baltimore Peninsula, including Locust Point. Charm City Run has agreed to meet with me at the end of the season to discuss all of their footraces and to work together to mitigate the impact on  the neighborhoods that host these events.